About Us

A Reputation for Excellence

Welcome to Heawood, where you can find a range of solutions to your company’s research needs. We are a full-service customer insight agency, meaning that we work closely with all our clients giving them everything that they need to properly delve into the market.

From consumer goods market research to trends analysis and customer survey options, our agency will be there for your company when it comes to collecting data and giving you the very best results. We have had experience working with both global corporations and local SMEs in locations such as Cheshire, Lancashire and Shropshire. We have also gained experience working within a range of research areas from consumer studies to business (B2B) markets, meaning that we can assist you no matter who you wish to reach out to.

Within the UK, we have frequently worked with the media and communication industries, making us one of the best TV advertising market research companies to go to for tracking studies, pre-testing analysis and customer effectiveness research, from the initial project development to the data evaluation stages.

From segmentation and semiotics studies to ethnography and observation, we can assist you in gaining some truly in-depth insights into how the market works and how you should best promote your business. As companies go, our agency has built up a solid reputation for excellent research, including customer satisfaction surveys, consumer loyalty studies, brand measurement and other types of service.

For quality and excellence, we really are a leader in the research field.

Research Services for All

Our team of directors are fully qualified to prepare a tailored solution for your company. Rather than simply offering a pre-packaged research model, we will sit down and find out what you need whether you are in Staffordshire, Yorkshire, Merseyside or elsewhere in the United Kingdom.

We have developed projects for numerous companies in the shopping and retail industries, looking at buyer behaviour analysis, shopper research agency studies, in-store interviewing and exit surveys targeting everything from supermarket food and FMCG to brown goods and white goods.

Regardless of the strategies proposed, our directors will be there with you at all stages of the research process, whether you require qualitative or quantitative studies such as behavioural economics or focus groups. This strong commitment ensures that you can benefit from our employee’s problem solving abilities as we strive to meet your deadlines.

As one of the top quality new product development (NPD) research companies in the UK, we are proud to offer everything from concept testing and home placement to in home testing and marketing strategy. We will work hard to provide you with results that give you a clear focus on what to do.

Because of this, the breadth of the quantitative work done by our online survey research company is renowned in the UK and the international stage, where our fieldwork such as telephone interviews (CATI or otherwise) and face to face in-depth street survey techniques are guaranteed to get the right sort of information in a very speedy manner.

Working with Our Team

If you are interested in working with our company, you can get in touch with one of our directors here through our website. Whether you own an international organisation or an SME located in Wales, Cumbria or Wirral, we are ready and waiting to talk to you about creating a tailored research solution to help your company grow and develop.

With a myriad of marketing strategies such as behaviour studies and other services, we are simply miles ahead of the other usage and attitude market research companies in the UK. Our staff will be there to conduct eye tracking studies, group discussions and the list creation of suitable partner firms. Regardless of your aims and outlook, we will do our best to come up with data that is relevant to you as the director of your company. We know what you want and how to ensure the growth and development of your business.

As the country’s top branding research company, we can proposition everything from brand building and positioning to name recognition and a host of other marketing ideas to build up your overall business strategy. From Manchester and Liverpool to Chester and the North West of Europe, we will be there to create a highly effective research solution for you and your company.

We also offer effective services when it comes to packaging research such as Packprobe surveys, eye tracking, design testing and development, stand out testing, ergonomics and company evaluation in the food industry and other product sectors.