Advertising Research

AdProbe: A Complete Solution for Advertising Research

Whether you are a client or advertising agency, Heawood offer a range of research solutions to ensure you are you getting your message across. If you don’t know how well your advertising works, you may be wasting money! Whether your target audience responds to your advertising as you would wish depends on many things but if your brand recognition is poor, then you will have to spend more to get your message across. Advertising research helps you optimise your advertising budget.

AdProbe Developer

A 2 stage approach to advertising development research:

Stage 1: Concept development and screening

Typically we begin with a series of focus groups (or one to ones) to understand the DNA of the brand and its competitors. We explore the reasons for consumer choices between the various brands in the category and we then identify the most relevant and motivating proposition. A number of advertising concepts can be explored.

Stage 2: Pre-testing

At this stage we check out awareness recall and understanding of one or possibly two options developed to animatic stage relative to a number of benchmark commercials. We measure the extent to which the propositions involve and engage with the target audience, the perceptions they generate, and the impact on buying intention.