Creating customer satisfaction and loyalty through brand development

Developing your brand into one that your customers know, trust and stick with is a challenge that all businesses face – and it’s an increasingly difficult one as choice increases and consumers themselves become much more brand-savvy.

Ultimately, the brand is created and sustained through experience in the minds of consumers. But consumers do need to know that you are out there and what you are promising to deliver. Without understanding how your brand and its competitors are seen and experienced, successful market positioning will be difficult to achieve and maintain.

And it’s not just the conscious measures that need to be taken into account – our experience shows that the softer, subconscious consumer behaviours will be powerful drivers in their purchasing decisions. And our thinking is now being endorsed by latest findings in neuroscience.

Our wide range of specialist brand development services, include:

  • – Advertising Effectiveness (AdProbe)
  • Brand Equity quantitative assessments
  • Brand Identity, Personality & Proposition
  • Concept development and testing
  • Customer Needs (Conjoint, Usage and Attitudes)
  • Decision Factors and the Customer Journey
  • Exploring: New, Existing and Lapsed customers
  • In-depth Competitive Brand Landscape
  • Loyalty and analysis
  • Name development and testing
  • Packaging development and evaluation (PackProbe)
  • Product development and testing (Product Probe)
  • Semiotics
  • Usage and Attitudes (U&A)

Whether you are looking at a specific part of brand development or want to review the whole picture, talk to us about the challenges and issues you are considering. We’d be happy to think it through with you and may offer a different perspective.