AdProbe Tracker

AdProbe Tracker is for the monitoring of brand and advertising awareness and perceptions. They are often commissioned once the commercial has been developed and are run on an ad hoc or continuous basis.

As someone responsible for marketing, you may need to measure the effectiveness of your brand’s planned advertising campaign. If so, we track the effectiveness of the advertising in generating both advertising and brand awareness and the changes these might bring about in terms of brand perceptions throughout the campaign.

Typically, we will undertake Pre-post studies (taking measurements before and after the advertising or product launch) or continuous tracking surveys which tend to be monthly/ongoing tracking programmes.

An AdProbe Tracker survey can reveal much about the strengths and weaknesses of your brand, your products and services.

It addresses key issues including:

  • Brand familiarity (including key competitors)
  • Brand consideration set
  • Spontaneous and prompted brand awareness
  • Brand perceptions and brand strengths versus key competitors
  • Advertising awareness (unprompted and prompted) by media Slogan recall
  • Advertising perceptions
  • Advertising engagement, enjoyment and persuasion
  • Advertising efficiency

The result of an effective AdProbe Tracker will shed light on these questions, and will provide insights that can be used to improve advertising executions and campaigns and leverage brand strengths against competitors’ weaknesses.