Customer Satisfaction (CSAT) Surveys

Competitive advantage through understanding

Do you know how your customers rate you against the competition and what really matters to them? Understanding their perceptions will help you strengthen your offering and improve profitability.

Customer Satisfaction Surveys will help you to quantify your customers’ attitudes and perceptions, their needs and priorities and commitment to your business. Understanding these factors will give you objective assessments and priority improvement targets that will allow you to strengthen your service, improve customer relationships and drive up your competitor positioning. Many businesses think the way to measure customer satisfaction is to examine the number of customer complaints – but this is reactive and measures only one tiny portion of your customers.

It is essential you cover all your existing customers and within this there are many other groups worthy of investigation… such as new users, loyal customers, lapsed users, repertoire users, advocates etc. Whilst we can help you monitor your complaints handling, we recommend going further and covering all existing users wherever possible.

CSAT Design and Measurement

Our services are varied and cover a range of themes, including:

  • Customer satisfaction surveys
  • customer engagement studies
  • customer feedback
  • welcome surveys (for new customers)
  • retail and shopper surveys.

Whilst every project is different and we tailor them specifically to your needs,the approach is similar.

Stage 1: Exploratory Phase

We usually begin with a number of in-depth interviews to understand the breadth of issues that are perceived to be of concern to customers and to enable us to pilot test a questionnaire.

Stage 2: Measurement Phase

This is the quantitative phase, often conducted online or by telephone. It may take the form of a census or a sample of the customer base. By involving your customers in this activity, you are sending them a message saying how important they are to you: asking for their feedback is a powerful way of letting them know that you value their thoughts and opinions.

Reporting tends to be an essential part of CSAT programmes. We offer leading edge reporting systems which offer you and your colleagues access to online reporting systems. This includes access to live results 24 hours a day and messsaging/alerts when specific thresholds are reached (ie satifaction falls) or when a customers have complained and have asked for a call or support.

If you are looking for CSAT measurement then please give us a call. We’d be happy to talk it through and give you whatever further information you may need.